Dawn Cawthra   

 Dawn Cawthra   

How to reclaim good health and wellbeing

Creating Mandala's 

For self-expression, insight and relaxation

You are naturally enhancing your mood when engaged in creative activity. Creating mandala's is a gentle way of releasing stress and tensions in the body as you play with colour, patterns and images all within a circle.

Highly absorbing once you get started, you will lose yourself in this lovely process, using a combination of simple painting, drawing and colouring techniques.

Learn what numbers, colours and shapes represent and how to understand their meanings for insights about your own wellbeing.

Suitable for complete beginners.

VenueCentral Forres

Time: Mornings 10-12.30  

Dates: August 2019

           September 2019

(Please email for exact dates)

Cost: £15 for 1 session 

          £40 for 4 sessions if booked in advance.

All refreshments included. Some materials provided.

For more information and to book your place, please phone or text me on 07521 217112 or 

email: [email protected]

"Dawn's gentle encouragement makes learning new skills so much fun, gone are the days of Scary Teachers or fear of failure. She has inspired me to do what makes me smile and to be proud of it. I have so enjoyed my too few hours sharing wonders and fun with new friends and watching everyone in the class blossom. Dawn has empowered us all to take some time doing what makes us happy, what a gift she has given us. 

Thank you Dawn for your kindness, friendship and the pleasure of just 'having a go'." L.W.