Dawn Cawthra   

 Dawn Cawthra   

How to reclaim good health and wellbeing

My Story

Art and healing

From the age of 16, I've had two very strong threads weaving through my life.

After two years of studying art & design, I began to be more aware of my environment and how it affected me. I can remember asking for houseplants for my 18th birthday, to put in my bedroom, as I intuitively knew they were in some way beneficial for me. This was a strange request to my parents, who had never bought a plant in their lives! I also surprised them by wanting to plant flowers in our tiny, somewhat neglected, garden.

Looking back, this was my conscious awakening to the beautiful healing power of

flowers and plants.

After completing five years at art school, studying graphics, furniture and interior design, I went to London to have an adventure and needing to earn money, unexpectedly became a dental nurse!

During this time, observing many different patients, I gathered valuable insights into emotional and mental health.

The two threads continued to weave themselves together when some years later I opened up my first design studio in Yorkshire. At the same time, I also began to learn about homeopathy, the Bach flower remedies, and how to create healing spaces (similar to feng shui).

This was an exciting time of learning for me, as I discovered a more holistic approach to health and began to practice meditation as a way of preventing stress.

After the arrival of my first child, I trained as a massage therapist, whilst at the same time, building my knowledge and usage of the flower essences. Not long after, I read the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and was totally inspired by her methods for rediscovering creative potential, using techniques to dismantle self-sabotaging beliefs. This prompted me to enrol on a teaching course, to enable me to teach in adult education, offering creative and self-awareness courses.

By this time, I was beginning to see the correlation between positive emotional health, creativity and physical wellbeing.

A major transition

Since moving to Forres in the north of Scotland in 2000, I have continued my work with natural remedies and teaching creative and transformational courses. I studied textile art, and taught craft and design at the local Steiner school for five years. I opened a successful design studio with two other artists, and completed many new trainings.


Holistic health

I never cease to be amazed at how my life path unfolds before me in just the right way and at just the right time. A chance conversation led me to work for Findhorn Flower Essences and it’s founder, Marion Leigh. It was here that my understanding and working experience of vibrational medicine as a recognised, proven healing modality took a quantum leap. As you can see in the video above (made whilst working for Findhorn Flower Essences), I love promoting and sharing ideas that lead to better health. This finally led me to set up my own holistic health practice.

Time and again I see the remarkable results in wellbeing when these powerful essences are used in a treatment and as additional support during creative expression.